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our website gathers the best android wallpapers for you, sorted by device brand (Samsung, HTC,..), model and category.
this is the easiest way to find a perfect matching wallpaper for your android smartphone!.


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Covering Covering Android Wallpaper
Wallpapers for android in the abstract category. With this 800x1280 wallpaper for your android wallpaper you will get what you want for your money. Yeah we know, its free, so download it asap!
Red logo Red logo Android Wallpaper
Wallpapers for android smartphones featuring a red edition of the famous android robot logo. If you are looking to give your device a nice designer look, dont look any further, this android wallpaper is all you need!
Her blue eyes Her blue eyes Android Wallpaper
In this anime android wallpaper you will find a good looking girl and her super cute bright blue eyes. A perfect anime android wallpaper for smartphones with a 240x400 screen resolution
Fresh nature Fresh nature Android Wallpaper
in this Nature 540x960 wallpaper for android smartphones the sun is shining through the fresh green woods
Lava Lava Android Wallpaper
in this 480x800 wallpaper for android smartphones an abstract lava stream is running over your screen
Bubblicious Pink Bubblicious Pink Android Wallpaper
one of these android wallpapers - 480x800 Wallpapers for your android tablet or smartphone which will add a fresh look to your device. Fresh pink bubbles are dancing all over your screen!
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Moscow Android wallpapers
City Cartoon style Android wallpapers
City Cartoon style
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Bridged city
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Winter village Android wallpapers
Winter village
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Autum nature
Burning Skies Android wallpapers
Burning Skies
Purple skies Android wallpapers
Purple skies
Dark Hilltop Android wallpapers
Dark Hilltop
Ferrari F70 Android wallpapers
Ferrari F70
Best BMW Logo Android wallpapers
Best BMW Logo
Transformers Bumblebee Android wallpapers
Transformers Bumblebee