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All 480x800 wallpapers for your android smartphone can be found here. 480x800 pixels is a very popular resolution for entry and mid-range android smartphones, so most of these will be probably a perfect fit for your device
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Anime 480x800 Wallpapers

Cold Drinks Android wallpaper
in this anime android wallpaper you will find a girl at the beach with a cold xdrink
K-ON Android wallpaper
K-ON!! Is a simple anime style android wallpaper for smartphones with a 480x800 screen resolution
Plant Hair Android wallpaper
The anime girl in this android wallpaper her hair is made out of plants
Anime Style Android wallpaper
A girl in true anime style makes a cool android wallpaper for every anime lover
Innocent girl Android wallpaper
If you look good enough at the innocent girl in this anime android wallpaper, she's not as innocent as you thinkā€¦.
Black dress Android wallpaper
an anime 480x800 wallpaper for android featuring a girl in her black dress
Space Girl Android wallpaper
a girl floating around in space in this anime wallpaper for android
Takeway Drink Android wallpaper
In this anime wallpaper for android, This anime girl is enjoying her take-away drink

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